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I am still so pissed off about this that I am really having to be careful what i write. I just cant believe how many people are falling for and supporting Nvidia's out misinformation. It's sickening.

The whole point is that 3dmark03 is future looking not past looking. Every single solitary comment nvidia made in their PR releases are complete and utter rubbish. I will not apologize for speaking the truth, or try to tone down the message. There is no balance, there is no middle ground in this case. The ONLY thing that anyone could say is no more synthetic tests and leave it at that.

The bottom line is that over the next 3 years we are going to see exactly what 3dmark is offering. Hell They have dozens and dozens of developers and hardware companies in the beta program all entering input. Only Nvidia withdrew.

1. Future games are going to use PS 1.1, PS 1.4, and PS 2.0
2. Future games are going to use a lot of basic Vertex shader 1.1
3. Future games are going to be single texture with PS and VS
4. Future games will primarily use a lot of DX8 features to their fullest and incorperate partial DX9 support. meaningthe occasional PS 2.0 or Vertex shader 2.0 functionality.

I dont see how anyone can debate that wile treating the future with an honest eye. it follows the eact pattern of the last 3 years and its technology of T&L etc. Do we really need to go over again how PS 1.3 support would not have affected the outcome of any scores for Nvidia? it does not have that functionality. Further their origional GF3 series does not support PS 1.3 thus 3dmark HAD to use PS 1.1 for the greatest Nvidia compatability.

Look at the pattern its exactly the same as the last 3dmark, it heavily used the first generation of DX7, and incorperated features of DX8 here and there. The same will be true with the next 3dmark it will have a little DX8, heavy use of DX9, and begin to incorperate dX10.

The truth is so obvious it is beyond me how it seems that so many are falling for nothing but cheap PR misinformation tactics
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