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Red face Re: 300W with GF 6600

Wow, I had no idea people would reply so fast! This is an awesome forum!
anyways, my card is an PNY AGP8x 6600 with 256MB just got it a couple of weeks ago... I was told by many that if you have an AMD system you need 350W. On the box of the card it says a min of 300W. I have a Sparkle power supply, with AMD64 3200+ and an MSI Motherboard. not too many peripherals though. I used a power calc, and since I don't know the power of my card I just used the biggest value (100W). The calc says I need 345W. So I am looking into some Kingwin and Coolmax Power Supplies right now (know any other good brands?). My systems performance is a bit slower than before. I don't know if I should upgrade my power supply. By the way, my amperage for +12V is like 18A. Also, should I concern myself with the amperage of the replacement power supply? Like are there requirements for max amps for specific mobos? Thanks alot guys!
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