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I totally agree with this post, most sense anyone has talked on here. It seems like nvidia were conned by Futuremark/ATI, as the techniques nvidia use are not present in 3D Mark and only ATI's are hence the huge score difference between Geforce4 and Radeon Pro. Nvidia have a brilliant arguement due to this.
This is complete and total BS. Volt, how do you expect me not to get upset at what Nvidia have already done to peoples reasoning of the whole situation?? strengthened by people like Kyle???

Look at the evidence

This is all becuase people do not know anything about technology and all they go buy are the one bogus PR statement released by Nvidia after the next.

1. PS 1.3 adds no significant speed or functionality to anything
2. PS 1.3 is not supported by GF3's
3. PS 1.4 adds significatnt functionality and is already being added in patches to exsisting games, and will be used in upcomming games like Doom-III (openGL equivalent to ps 1.4)
4. PS 1.4 will be used by future developers becuase is increases performance
5. Developers cannot use ps 1.3 and maintain compatability with all of Nvidias dx8 classed cards.
6 SIS, S3, Trident, PowerVR, nor any other company backed out fo the beta program
7. Countless game developers were involved and all had input into what was included
8. Vertex shader 1.1 is going to be a staple of future games comming in the next 2-3 years.
9. all DX8 classed hardware fully and correctly support VS 1.1
10. Read my above thread.
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