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Default Re: Problem with nvnet

I have a very similar problem, and an almost identical setup.

Tyan THunder 8KWE S2895 motherboard with nforce4 chipseet
4GB corsair RAM
2 AMD 275 Dual Core Opteron processors
PhoenixBIOS 1.2.2895
Redhat Fedora Core 4 2.6.13-1.1532 FC4 smp kernel

I have the two Gigabit lans enabled in the BIOS
I have downloaded and apparently successfully installed the (306) nvidia driver for network and sound.

nvnet appears in mods
I can configure eth0 and eth1 using the network configuration utils or ifconfig

But they never get a link. The little lights on the RJ45 jacks never light at all, and DHCP fails. If I configure statically, it can't talk. I've put in another ethernet card just to get out, and it will configure and talk. But nothing I do ever causes a glimmer on the two very touted Gigabit lan adapters on this Tyan motherboard.

I do also have a 7800GTX card. I downloaded the 7676 drivers and it works very well for graphics. But I've never gotten the audio working, and I've spent DAYS on these gigabit ethernet configurations. I can't get em to work.

If anyone has any ideas?????

Jack Rickard
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