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Default Re: ***Official Dell 2405W & 2005FPW Deals / Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by GlowStick
lcd's really do suck for gameing when you have a side by side comparison.
For some reason, I believe you ....A month ago I borrowed a friend's Ultrasharp 19". I know its not the same as what were talking about here, but I thought it would give a good idea on what I was planning on getting into.
My general impression was exactally what Glow said above.....gaming sucked on that LCD....Basicly, it was way to dark(no matter where the brightness was set), there was a "fuzzyness" about everything and the smearing\ghosting was noticible at higher resolutions.
That exp. way-layed my LCD plans, until recently...because all I've been hearing is how wonderful these big Dell's are.
Now, Glow slaps me back to reality
I like the idea of wide-screen gaming and a huge, thin LCD sceen, but I can't shake the feeling its going to be a step backwards and be more of a PITA than its worth......
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