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Default Re: install success, but slow graphics

Originally posted by ghollins

7. Out of the blue, the up2date program warned me again that I needed to install something. It said that I was running the old kernel (I don't know why it said this because everything else said I was already running the new kernel). So I installed the new kernel again, and restarted, then everything worked (i.e. the source built).

I am using a Geforce4 TI 4200, but I have the Geforce4 Generic selected. Also the 3d acceleration box is grayed out.

My question is: why would the performance be worse (my original driver was "vesa"), and should I be using the "Geforce4 Generic"?
Kernel is found security hole, so a fixed bug version is released thought up2date.

The nvidia driver cannot select 3d acceleration, In fact it has acceleration all the time.

The kernel build in driver is not optimize for nvidia card. It can be
use if you don't care lost the power of you nvidia card.
Nvidia driver need some patience to build it.

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