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Default Problem Solved

For whatever reason when I had my nvidia card installed during the installation I was not ever given a choice as to which X-server to install. It just installed XF86Dev version 3. something. So I removed the nvidia card and re-installed linux using an ATI card. This allowed me to choose the most recent X-server that shipped with ML8.1. I then downloaded the drivers source files complied them made all the necessary changes XF86Config-4 and left the modules files alone.

And so far I am working great. I've gotten this far before but I had always used the pre-complied drivers and they always broke at some point and I could never recover from that. I am still fairly new to linux. I've never stuck with it long enough to move past being a novice.

There is one thing I would like to know and that is how I would change my screen resolution without using the Mandrake Contol Center.


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