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Originally posted by FrgMstr
Hellbinder, you don't have to be rude to have a discussion with me. I would ask that you calm down as you get way too emotional about these things and I think that in turn leads you to not think clearly.

For the sake of your argument (and you have changed gears a bit on what you�re complaining about in your last post) let's say you are 100% fully correct and 3DMark03 is the greatest thing since sliced bread and you are going to use it for all of your benchmarking needs.

Please read what we have to say here as this issue is much bigger than arguments about the validity of 3DMark03. 3DMark03 simply is a great example of what is wrong with 3D benchmarks IMO.

I find it hard to argue that we would not want more real world benchmarks. If you want to keep using 3DMark, then you certainly can. We on the other hand are not.
what i dont understan from you guys is that for years you haven been using 3dmark as a benchmark but now since nvidia says it sucks you think that too.
Nvidia and ATI do spend time optimizing their drivers for 3dmark so what??? they have been doing since the first one...i havent seen you before complaning about the use of this bench...
or you just have realized that in fact they do this???

in fact nvidia started this, then ATI saw that 3dmark had an influence on people and start doing the same thing.
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