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Here's the problem with 3dmark 2003.

Futuremark calls it "The gamers benchmark".

Well here is the flaw.

2000+/9700 Pro = 4550

2800+/Ti4600 = 2200

Yet in actual gaming the 2800+/Ti4600 combo will overall out perform the 2000+/9700 combo. Then why is the 2000+/9700 combo over double the score of the 2000+/Ti4600 combo?

Well Futuremark says their benchmark is heavily GPU dependent, and is essentially a graphics card benchmark.

Thats where the benchmark looses validity as an actual "gaming" benchmark.

Nvidia recognized this defiency back in December and pulled out of Futuremarks beta program. I am not brand loyal, but in this case I agree with Nvidia on this issue.

Games that run D3D/OpenGL that come with their own benchmarks (ie- Unreal/Unreal T/Quake 3/etc, etc) are the best measure of performance.

Futuremarks latest approach looks at a narrow area of hardware. PC's are not Gamecubes, and last time I checked, there was a lot more to making a PC fast, then just the VGA card.

3dmark is no longer a valid benchmark, and they did it to themselves.

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