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Originally posted by StealthHawk
the question on everyone's mind is how far into the future are we looking?

will real games play like that in 1 year's time? 2 years? 3 years?

even when games finally start using Shaders will the game you play with a gf3 or gf4 match the abysmal performance seen in 3dmark03?
Will 3dmark drive the developers to make better graphics in games after seeing that it is possible?

3dmark should be used as a FREE tool to tweak your own system. I think that people start worrying about others scores and get out of control. I use 3dmark03 on my kids computer with the ti4200, I have found a few tweaks to up the score. It helped my computer run better. It gets a 1/3 of the score that my 9700pro does, but who cares? The cards are in 2 different leagues.

My point is, I enjoy the eye candy from 3dmark03, I like to show it off to friends(even though its a slide show), and it's something different and free. If I paid for it thinking that it would be something that it is not. Then I fight. But what's wrong with another cool benchmark/demo?
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