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Default Viewsonic VX900

I was in the same exact spot as you Typedef Enum. I had a nice monitor (sony fw900 24') but the 16:9 resolution left 99% of my games all stretched out weird cause there are very few playable HD resolutions. So I researched for about 2 weeks non stop about a large flat screen lcd. I decided on the viewsonic VX-900. The specs rate it at a >20ms response time. Superclear MVA tech is supposed to be the reason for that. I recieved the monitor with ZERO dead pixels! Yeah! From The ghosting is not very noticable at all playing urban terror and such. THe colors are SO much more vibrant than my lcd. Also, the contrast ratio is VERY imporatant. Mine is like 550:1 i believe. The blacks are very black and white are perfectly white. Quite nice. 19inch also, so im equiv to a 21inch almost with a so much smaller footprint. Using DVI is very important also. Dont get an lcd w/o DVI out on your vid card and in on the monitor. Price was about 1100.00 i believe. I would give this monitor 9/10 stars. Love it!
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