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Originally posted by scott123
Here's the problem with 3dmark 2003.

Futuremark calls it "The gamers benchmark".

Well here is the flaw.

2000+/9700 Pro = 4550

2800+/Ti4600 = 2200

Yet in actual gaming the 2800+/Ti4600 combo will overall out perform the 2000+/9700 combo. Then why is the 2000+/9700 combo over double the score of the 2000+/Ti4600 combo?
Say what? Turn up the res or enable some AA/AF and the 2800/Ti4600 combo won't be winning anything but sympathy. So what if it the combo gets 258 fps. vs. 234 fps at 800 x 600 with all effects and IQ settings turned to minimum? You use that as the basis for declaring that it "will overall outperform the 2000/9700 combo?"

IMO, Mr. Derek Smart is a hypocrite: Only someone who is either (a) lying (b) ashamed of their products (c) just plain ashamed, would hestitate to give out some simple and straight forward information. - Derek Smart, Ph.D.
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