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Originally posted by StealthHawk
yeah, and people complained about 3dmark2001 saying that it was too CPU dependent. now that the new version is video card dependent people cry foul. i guess you can't make everyone happy.
Only problem is games today seem to be much more CPU dependent than they were in 3DMark2001's time.

GT1 in 3dmark03 is a game test that is pretty representative of performance today IMO. you see high framerates, and it's basically a DX7 game except it uses VS instead of fixed function T&L.
Not so sure about that. It's a flight sim test, at best. There's no way it can translate to a test of "today's games." At best, it's a test of "today's high-end flight sims."

GT2-3 are shader tests. they should test shaders. they shouldn't be CPU dependent.
But they're still more GPU-dependent than a similar real modern game test, because other calculations are not being done (namely AI).

Regardless, my objects still stream, first and foremost, that this is a synthetic benchmark, no matter how much Futuremark tries to make it seem like a real game benchmark.
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