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Originally posted by creedamd
My point is, I enjoy the eye candy from 3dmark03, I like to show it off to friends(even though its a slide show), and it's something different and free. If I paid for it thinking that it would be something that it is not. Then I fight. But what's wrong with another cool benchmark/demo?
I wouldn't object if this was all there was to it. I'd just continually say, "I don't care," when it comes to 3DMark benchmarks (except for the purely-synthetic tests...).

The problem, however, is that so many websites and publications put so much stock in the 3DMark score. Many seem to think that an id engine is the benchmark for OpenGL (whichever id engine is the top at the time: now Quake3, soon DOOM3), and 3DMark is the benchmark for OpenGL. This kind of thinking is one big problem that plagues the industry.

And you know what the really sad thing is? Due to the "DOOM3 style" rendering in two of the tests, I think many, many people are going to think that this benchmark is a preview of DOOM3 performance.
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