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Default Re: burnt my card:but now i wanted an overclocked card

Originally Posted by Domy
i wanted a hihger performance from my 6600 card but will overclocks reduce my card's life span?any thouhgts or experience from u guys?thx
Depends. If you do it correctly, it's "useful" lifespan will probably not change much for you. In other words, if the card would've run for 6 years at stock speed, maybe it'll only run for 3 overclocked. But realistically, if you're running a OC'd 6600 3 years from now, you'll still be playing UT2K4 3 years from now.
Of course, this is all assuming you safely OC the card: ensuring adequate cooling, not OC'ing to the absolute limit, etc. There's a bit of art and science to it, but it's mostly common sense.
I guess if you're just starting out OC'ing, the 6600's not a bad card to experiment with. It's relatively cheap, and apparently has a lot of overclocking potential (at least on the core).
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