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For the past few months, I've been using a Gateway FPD1530 15" LCD. I believe this model has a 30ms response time...if I tracked down the original make of the monitor correctly.

I could not believe the appearance of the screen when I first fired things up. Everything seemed so much more vibrant and alive...Filled with dread, I fired up a game or two and to my surprise, I didn't see any appreciable ghosting. The one area that is absolutely killing me ( and causing me to look for another CRT ) is that the resolution is limited to 1024*768. I just can't live without higher resolution, regardless of how pretty things look.

I have a friend here at work who bought 2 of the top of the line Dell LCD's and he can run 1600*1200 without a hitch. After seeing it in action at the last LAN party, I can attest that CRT's ahve nothing over this monitor!

Typedef, you are going to be a happy camper with that monitor!
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