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It wasn't coded to be fast, it was coded to put much as much pressure on the graphics system as possible. Hence the utter attrocious performance of the sections that used so-called "doom3 shadowing". i.e. the space station and the one with the 2 ogre's.

The shadowing system done by these two demos was grossly in-efficient, but it did the job of stressing the graphics card.

But I have to agree with nvidia. It _isn't_ representative of games now, _NOR_ games in the future. As no 3d engine coder worth his salt would code something as inefficient as that.
You have absolutly NOTHING to back that up except Nvidia own Statement agaisnt 3dmark03...Funny Nvidia is the ONLY comany of several IHV's making such statements.

Why dont you back that statement of yours up with soem detailed technical info.
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