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Default FX5700 fan stops in text mode

Hello all,

I have a Leadek Winfast Nvidia 5700, on a AMD64 Gigabyte K8M800 Via chipset motherboard.

I've installed Ubuntu x86_64 Linux (latest version, 5.10, up to date) on this machine with the nvidia drivers from the ubuntu repositories (still the 7176 version I believe)

All is well in graphics mode (X11), but when I switch to a text console the graphics card fan stops completely, and never restarts. A great way to kill the card I thought ! This is 100% reproducible every time.

When I reboot (and only then) the fan restarts normally.

First of all I had no idea the fan could be stopped in software, but has anyone got any idea how to make this not happen?

I've tried nvclock 0.8b (0.7 segfaults), and it says my graphics card fan cannot be controlled !

Thanks for any help.
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