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And I'm back with some more benchmarks. This time with data from a GeForce4Ti4200 on an AthlonXP 1800+ and nvidia drivers 42.01 winXP DX8.1 installed.

Balanced: 8450
Application: 7273 -13.9%
2x FSAA Balanced: 7017
2x FSAA+ Balanced: 7044
4x FSAA Balanced: 4902
4x FSAA+ Balanced: 4890
4xS Balanced: 4572
4xS+ Balanced: 4565

As I witnessed on my system in the first post, setting the drivers to Application degrades performance by over 1000 3dmarks whether using a gf3 or a gf4 card.

I also tested the FSAA boost in RivaTuner, when the boost is enabled it is denoted by the "+." I was going to use Uttar's AA Analyzer to take screenshots to compare quality, but my friend didn't have DX9 installed, and the program requires it to run. Looking at the benchmark results though, there is no measurable gain from the rumored FSAA optimization, at least in 3dmark2001.
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