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Yes, I know what you mean but the point is that at least you have the possibility to turn off the fsaa.

On a high end vid card/midrange cpu, you can turn on high detail settings without a performance drop, but your performance is crappy anyway, whether it's at low detail or high detail.

On a midrange vid card/ high end cpu, you have at least the possibility to lower your resolution/detail, or turn off fsaa.

My point is that if you had upgraded your nv20 to a r300 on your 800mhz cpu, your performance would have sucked just as bad, while in your case, you had the OPTION to improve your framerates by turning off fsaa. If you had turned off the fsaa on your 1.8ghz cpu your performance WOULD HAVE improved.

That's why I'm saying that 3dmark2001/2003 are deceiving.
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