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My point is that if you had upgraded your nv20 to a r300 on your 800mhz cpu, your performance would have sucked just as bad, while in your case, you had the OPTION to improve your framerates by turning off fsaa. If you had turned off the fsaa on your 1.8ghz cpu your performance WOULD HAVE improved.
Sorry, I wasn't talking about 3dmark in that post.

Anyway, I only play with FSAA. I don't believe turning off AA is an option despite the option being there in the driver control panel.

My brothers P3 800MHz takes just as large of a dip with FSAA as it had on my P4 1.8GHz.
He also doesn't believe turning off FSAA is an option.
Though at least his games are still playable.

I only care about FSAA+AF performance. Nothing less, I ignore all benchmarks that don't show FSAA+AF scores, as they are useless to me as toilet paper.
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