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Default 7800 GT/GTX Benchmark Help

I'm trying to talk myself into upgrading my system and want to ask people with a 7800 GT/GTX if you would mind running two benchmarks for me in FEAR. That's the game that makes me want to upgrade and now since the retail version is out and I've played it I still want to upgrade but don't know anyone with a 7800 to get scores from. So if you're interested in helping I'm looking for the 3 scores given by the built in benchmark.

FEAR at 1024x768 - Everything at Maximum with No AA, 8x AF, Soft Shadows OFF.

FEAR at 1024x768 - Everything at Medium with No AA, 8x AF and Soft Shadows OFF.

I currently have a P4 Northwood 3.4, 2GIG RAM, and a 6800GT and I'm wondering if I upgrade to a 7800 GT/GTX what to expect. And since I'll have to buy almost everything again I'm trying to find out just what to expect in a game like FEAR.

Thanks to anyone that wants to help.
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