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Originally posted by Onde Pik
I really can't see how ppl, nvidia included, cry about the GF4 cards not getting a higher score because they cant rune the 4th test. Well guess what, when GF3 came out it was the ONLY card that could run the 4th test of 3dm 2001, so why didn't nvidia and the rest of u guys cry about it then?
Athlon700 + GFDDR - 22/7/01 - 2344 marks
Athlon700 + GF3 - 31/8/01 - 3894
Athlon700@800 + GF3 - 9/8/01 - 4531
AthlonXP1800+ + GF3 - 13/4/02 - 8396

Now to me the difference between the GFDDR and GF3 is the same as a GF3 to 9700/GF-FX, yet Im sure in 3dmark03 the gap will be much much bigger. Also the cpu did have more of an impact in 3dmak01 more so than in 3dmark03. One thing that I have also mentioned already, is that never in 3dmark01 was anything a slide show, never!! Now GT2+3 I get 2.6FPS average I cant even watch the damn tests, and even the demo crashes when it gets to Trolls Den
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