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I just recently bought the futurepower FP17 17" LCD Panel. Now most of you are probably balking at the prospect of a no-name panel but for the price (900 CDN) I got quite a deal.

If you can find this panel for sale, buy it immediately. It is actually an LG panel in disguise. It has DVI/Analog, USB Onboard and a 30ms refresh rate.

I am quite pleased at this panels performance and, combined with the DVI out on my Radeon 8500 games such as warcraft 3 have never looked better.

Also be wary that many panels require proper color calibration before gaming can be enjoyable. The grey/brown muckiness seen with most panels can be corrected by applying the correct gamma and color settings in your video cards control panel.

If you are going to buy a panel, buy at least a 17" panel. The 15" Panels aren't worth it and the native resolution of 1024x768 is too little considering the ATi r300 and possibly the NV30 are going to make 1280x1024 gaming at full quality a reality.
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