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Originally Posted by Subtestube
I must admit, I used to really really always go with KDE desktops, but Gnome 2.0 is a real step up.
I always prefered GTK+ (~Gnome) applications over QT (~KDE) because of their looks. IMO GTK+ 1.x was rather awful but not as horrible as QT at the time. I like the "clean look" of stock GTK+ 2.x, but not the current trend of following Gnome UI guidelines which seems to give less control over things. On the other hand I still dislike KDE for it's default look: color gradients, rounded edges and such, but configurability tends to be better. While I don't use either Gnome or KDE as a desktop -- actually, I don't use a desktop at all, just FVWM2 -- I still prefer Gnome applications over KDE for the small number of applications I regulary use. Now that I think of it, there are only three applications with a GUI I regulary use: Galeon, X-Chat, and Rhythmbox. I'd love to use AmaroK instead of Rhythmbox, but for some reason AmaroK always stops playing after certain time.

Anyway, to the real reason I decided to post. ;-) Taking about Ubuntu reminded me about this post at slashdot:
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