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I think a lot of you are missing the point. A large part of why 3DMark is so widely used is that it is a vast database used for COMPARISON. The test is designed to showcase the rendering ability of the card as well as allow you to compare it to other systems and GPU's.

If the benchmark is poorly coded, so be it. But it still allows you to compare your performance to other systems, cards, and manufactures.

Sure one could argue that it is slanted to particular hardware, but I don't believe this to be the case. When Nvidia was pummeling ATI in 3DMark we all KNEW it was because their cards were faster. It was obvious. That did not make all ATI pieces of crap though, they still had merits, most noteably better image quality, less power consumption, and lower heat production. But at one time if you wanted the fastest card it was Nvidia, and 3Dmark CONFIRMED this. Now the tables have turned, and NVidia cards are gagging on the rendering load.

It is absurd and reeks of sour milk when Nvidia and Nvidia fans are screaming bloody murder over 3DMark03. Nvidia STOP COMPLAINING and give us a NEXT GEN CARD.

If a card scores 800 on 3DMark03 you can be DAMN SURE it will suck at any game using DX8/9 features. If your card scores 7000 on the same test you can be DAMN SURE it will scream at the same next-gen games. Isn't that the whole point of a benchmark?

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