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Default 3dmark03 tests bad

I find that 3dmarks03's test are sorta wierd. The second test looks like doom 3 in a way, But it ran at 1-15fps. On the other hand, the doom3 alpha for me ran @ around 20-30fps at 1024x768once i got all patches for it and did a bit of tweaking. So something is wrong here with game test 2. Game test 3 is pretty strange aswell, What is causeing the frames to drop dramaticly to 4 frames/sec in that test, ive seen game with better graphics run at 60 frames/sec. I think doom3 alpha and UT2003 and Unreal2 are the true benchmarks because they also represent real game engins that will be used in ALOT of future games.
i am running an MSI GF4 Ti4200, Athlon 1400 (T-bird), A7A266, 256mb DDR cas2.0.
Im also wondering how much more performance i will gain if i get an Nforce2 (will i benefit since i have a geforce4).
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