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I have been using a Samsung 191t for about a month now. The 2d/desktop enviroment is top notch....the quality is incredible esp. w/ MS cleartype enabled in XP. The DVI connection gives it such an edge in quality over analog, that my friends can't believe the difference from my old 19" CTX VL 950 which is setup right beside my new LCD baby :-). The colors are bright and vivid, blacks are very black. The brightness level is very high also...much higher than my CRT. Now for the important part....gaming. Samsung claims to have a 25ms response time and I would say that is fairly accurate...maybe a little closer to 30ms but nonetheless its fast, but not fast enough from what I am used to for FPS. JK2 ghosts and so does Quake 3. Any game I try that has a lot of "movement" you get the ghosting. "Ghosting" is not an accurate term for some FPS, its more like a slight blurring effect while you are playing. It is still very playable however. Now let me tell you where it really shines for gaming, Warcraft 3....its absolutely beautiful on this thing esp w/ the DVI connection and my TI4600.....the quality is amazing. I have WC3 running in the monitors native resolution (1280x1024) and let me tell you it is a sight to behold. All RTS games I have tried look incredible on this thing due to the low FPS. Another game that looks nice and is very playable is Everquest. Since these are the 2 games I play the most gaming has not been too bad. When UT2003 comes out I will just be playing it on my 2nd box w/ my 19" CRT and TI4400...which is the formula I will follow until a LCD that does gaming just as well as a CRT comes along. To conclude, even though I am missing some of the game functionality that I am accustomed to, I can say this whole heartedly, I will NEVER go back to a CRT as my main display....LCD is the way to go. One more thing I want to mention....since using this LCD my eyestrain has dropped was worth the $1,000 price just for that.


Here is a review also:

FYI: This is where I bought mine, I have no issues with these guys...shipped fast..and not a single dead pixel in mine.

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