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Unhappy Refresh Rate Problems

I have a Red Hat 8 installation and just recently installed the nvidia drivers for my GF4. The driver installation went just fine (surprisingly). I get the nvidia logo before X loads so I know the driver is actually installed and working. I'm having a few problems with display resolutions and refresh rates though. Red hat couldn't probe my monitor so I checked online for refresh rate specs and all that..updated my XF86Config file. BUT, my refresh rate is really freaking slow. Whenever I minimize/maximize windows or type text, there is noticable lag (I guess this could also be due to AGP not working). I read the nvidia readme, and screwed around with the XF86Config file..but nothing seems to work. I tried disabling 3D Rendering, slowing down the AGP speed, switching between the nvidia agp support to the one used in the linux kernel (can't remember the name =). I even tried to physically change the refresh rate ranges. Any ideas as to what's going on?? I have a 19 inch Sony CPD G410R monitor, 30-110 khz horizontal, running at 85 khz vertical and @ 1600 x 1200 res.
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