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I think the whole problem is they (Futuremark, Madonion, whatever) are calling it a gaming benchmark. This is misleading a TON of people. I think results so far clearly show that 3DMark03 is a GPU benchmark. You get basically the same score with a GF4 Ti on a P3 800 Mhz system as you do on a brand new P4 3 Ghz system. How does that represent gaming? Nothing makes even a dent in 3DMark03 except the videocard.

Since DX9 games aren't anywhere near release, perhaps they just released this product a little too early? With only 1 DX9 part on the shelves, GFFX status at retail questionable and no other IHV even close, it seems the only conclusion you can draw right now from 3DMark03 is that the 9700 Pro is really, really fast. There's a news flash. I've wanted one of those LONG before 3DMark03 came along.
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