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Originally posted by deckard
Well, that makes sense. My Ti4600 is fully DX8 compatible and 3DMark03 gives me basically the same score with it on my ancient P3/SDRAM system (~1100) as with my new P4/RDRAM system (~1300) I just built yesterday. Since I can't even run any DX9 stuff I don't get docked in the final score, right? That being the case, man talk about GPU limited!

Note same system upgrade boosted my 3DMark2001SE score from 6700 to 14500. 'The Gamer's Benchmark' indeed.

They need to change their slogan to 'The GPU Benchmark'.
thats pretty much what it is a gpu benchmark...

I keep getting high scores (compared to other similarly equipped systems) but I can't submit cz the futuremark server is down

have runt he test 4 times now...

averaging quite decent... 4460 - 4435 - 4439 - 4473 was the last one I ran

just trying to submit for the past hour lol... I saved my first one but I can't upload saved results

oh well... I'll keep clicking...
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