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So, does that mean that even though my motherboards website doesn't have linux drivers, Fedora has it's own drivers? Are they generic or something? Forgive me if I don't understand, I'm still using windows and I've never touched or seen linux b4 but I'm starting 2 get very interested. BTW is it possible to have a dual boot with windows and linux? Also, my LCD screen's specs includes windows and mac, but says nothing about linux, will it be an issue? does linux have different resolutions or displays etc?
As stated, Linux has matured alot last couple of years and 'most' distros will 'just work' right out of the box. Dual booting...i've done it on seperate and on the same hdd's. And if I can get it to work...well . I've never tried an LCD yet. What I would suggest is to go to [url="[/URL]. To the right are listed a ton of on one and at the top you will see user and distro supported forums where just browsing should answer most of your questions. Best of luck and if you don't mind the learning curve you'll have a ton of fun, as wwell as a powerful os.
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