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Default Still... Which linux

I need to control my PC remotely. I have a direct Ethernet crossover cable connecting the two. I have one PC which is good enough to do a terminal... but it WILL NOT DO 3D in linux... it's not an Nvidia. I have another one that will do everything I need. Amd athlon XP. GeForce 4 MX440 with TV out.

I don't care if I can't hear the audio. I don't care (much) if the videogame controller won't work. But what I want... is to be able to access a good pc that does 3D on my... glorified souped up terminal (Old amdK6-2 400) in my room. I got some free video transcievers... problem. Both of them only recieve video... though they should transmit IR. So I'm stuck using ethernet. I can't run OpenGL on my bedroom machine. Nor do I want to. Running OpenGL on the machine in my room is akin to popping the latest version of Quake III on a Pentium-90. Even if you do get it to run... it will run VERY VERY SLOWLY. The graphics I will be doing will require OpenGL (Which the powerful PC can run) and hardware acceleration. The pc in my bedroom(lame) cannot do hardware acceleration but it should not need to. How do I run a terminal from one PC to another. If I run an X-Server from PC A to PC B... Can the graphics card on PC A do all the rendering and just send 2D images through the connection to PC B? I could live if it were saved as an image, transferred through the ethernet, then displayed (Guessing about 5fps). I just want it to work.

And another thing... Which version of linux. (Leaning towards debian but SUSE is still in the running.) Has anyone had my problem? If only I could put the Good PC where I could just sit in front of it.

Also... If anyone knows of a step by step kernel compiling tutorial... please tell me. Oh and I need full Xwindows to be served not just the command line. May also be forced to use the crappy pc's modem. Oh and for anyone trying to use PPP with MSN read the next line.

For DUN PPP with MSN use the following syntax. MSN/username88
for password... use the password.(Unsure about using MSN/ on pwd so try first without. Try both capital and lowercase.) Unsure about rest.
AMD athlon XP, NVidia GeForce4 with TV out and 128MB of ram. And (Coming soon) Linux.
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