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Default Re: gforece 3 does not like pdf's

Originally Posted by superklye
heh...I'm more willing to just straight up blame Adobe. They have some great programs, but my God, the bloat is unbelievable. Reader is probably the worst. It brings my system to a crawl every time I accidently click on a PDF link in FF.

Thank God for TargetAlert so that now the PDF icon shows up next to the link to warn me before I click on it. And there's another plugin that prompts you about how you want to open it (stand alone window, new tab, new FF window or cancel).
Yup. Adobe can't stream a file to save it's life, so hey.. let's make it a plugin! I disabled that quickly and just have FF open pdf's externally after the download is complete. BTW, the option is in Adobe Reader 7.0, edit->preferences->Internet page->uncheck "Display PDF in browser".
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