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Default Please Help, 6800 Graphical artifacts/tearing..

Hi there, I just recently received a brand new Galaxy Glacier 6800 AGP (just the vanilla) and much to my disappointment I am experiencing some rather annoying graphical tearing/artifacts. On games such as Fear, Far Cry, and even the first game test on 3dmark 05, I am seeing jagged lines and pixelated triangles obscuring parts of my screen. Usually these tears are associated with shading but some characters heads have burst into giant spike balls when i walk closer. Other games such as WoW and Doom 3 run fine with no tearing so I still dont know whether it is the card.

I have read that these issues are generally related to over heating of the card's memory but the card is brand new and I havnt tried to OC or tweak it in any way shape or form.

I have tried reinstalling several driver versions from the 6,7, and 8 series but all seem to make no difference. currently using 66.93.

Tried changing aperture size, and changing between 8x and 4x AGP still no luck.

Have even reformatted windows and reinstalled but still didnt solve the issue.

My main concern here is whether I should send the card back as it may be faulty? or could it possibly be something else conflicting with the card.
Like I said, it runs games like doom 3 and the COD2 demo just fine with no tearing whatsoever.
Also my processor is only a sempron 2600+ (1G RAM) could this also be contributing to this issue?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, I mainly want to know if I should send the card back coz perhaps the RAM in the card is faulty? Who knows but thanks to anyone who can help
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