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Originally posted by pelly
I honestly can't see why anyone would try to attack Kyle or HardOCP. At the end of the day, these articles and editorials are intended to benefit the consumer...For those grasping at straws and claiming that [H] is an NVIDIA-fanboy...I must remind you of the dozens of times [H] has been on NVIDIA's case for an issue. In addition, you might remember that Radeon 9700 Pro's are in each review testbed and that we were less than "blown away" ( ironic ) by the GeForce FX.
Hey Pelly, personally, I love [H]. I think its one of the best, if not the best hardware sites around. Very informitive, only gripe is the forums, you think you could get any more of em' in there? But really, I think that site beats this one, I just don't know anyone there
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