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Originally posted by Skuzzy
From a developer point of view, I have considered all the current NVidia cards (sans NV30) to be DX7 cards.

They do not support PS1.4, which is a DX8 feature.
PS1.4 is part of the DX8.1 spec. PS1.0-1.1 existed in the DX8.0 spec. this is one of the most ridiculous arguments i've ever heard, calling obvious DX8 hardware DX7. maybe if you want to call the gf4 a DX8 part instead of a DX8.1 part your argument could hold some water.

what about all the other DX8.1 cards? SiS Xabre doesn't support PS1.4, neither does Matrox Parhelia. i don't remember if Trident does either, but the point is kinda moot since they haven't released the card.

but seriously, why does nvidia take so much flak when no one other than ATI supports 1.4?
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