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Originally posted by Nemesis77
At higher settings demands on vid-card grow. If the games were CPU-limited, it would mean that different vid-cards would get similar results, and that is not the case (espesially if you use FSAA and/or AF).
raw benchmarks! that has been my argument from the beginning.

this is my original post
most games released today are CPU limited in all situations unless you add FSAA or AF into the mix. and even then the great majority are still CPU limited.

regardless, 3dmark03 is a LOT more video dependent even with FSAA and AF both turned off.

unless the future is actually going towards the trend of becoming less CPU dependent, which i doubt. if anything games will stay just as CPU limited as they have always been, albeit CPU might be used for things like AI and physics.
do you see my point now? my point IS that in games when you add FSAA and AF vast differences can be seen in many games. without it there isn't. the vast majority of games are cpu limited in this way. future games most likely will be too.

i am NOT arguing that FSAA and AF will not change that. that was never my point.

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