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Originally posted by Skynet
I think a lot of you are missing the point. A large part of why 3DMark is so widely used is that it is a vast database used for COMPARISON. The test is designed to showcase the rendering ability of the card as well as allow you to compare it to other systems and GPU's.
no, you are missing the point. 3dmark2001 was great becauseof the database so you could compare systems.

why is this true? because 3dmark2001 was a system benchmark that stressed the memory subsystem, the video subsystem, and the CPU.

now, this is NOT true of 3dmark03. it is a video card benchmark, nothing more, nothing less. the CPU makes such an insignificant contribution to the final score that comparing systems leads to incorrect and erroneous conclusions. other people have already posted this. i don't want to repeat them.

i mean, we have already had people say that some guy with a 1GHz system and a DX9 card scored 2-3x higher than someone with a DX8 card and a 2.4GHz system or something. and obviously the latter system is faster in reality, right?

edit: and if you still don't believe me, have a look at this thread even the CPU test of 3dmark03 shows ridiculous results.
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