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Default No NVdriver from source rpm in Linux?

Okay guys, I just went through these same hoops in Mandrake 8.2. For starters it was no fun... but I did get it working.
Your .src.rpm file is actually a combination of two files, the NVidia source tarball, and a "what to do with it" file similar to a Makefile. I downloaded the tarballs and built them with make, and found that it was complaining about a particular file not being found, unfortunately I didn't write down the filename, not important at this point though, I looked in the makefile and did not see a direct call for this file as in it was a file that make was trying to use directly, so it must be a file that one of the programs make is trying to call must need. So I searched for the file in Software Manager (Mandrake's rpm front end) and found four installable packages with this file, one of which was the gcc 3.0 compiler, anyway I installed all of the packages and then went to rebuild the rpms, the build went smooth and the install went flawlessly after that point.

I am not sure if this helps, but I don't think it can hurt. Good luck! You won't regret it once you get your cards working right... These things rock!
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