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Originally Posted by i.r-fool
I'm starting 2 get the feeling that linux (the coders etc.) creates their own drivers for certain m/b, which is not written on the OEM website - am I right? if so, where can I get a list of m/b's that linux supports that my m/b website doesnt mention.
I don't know any motherboard manufacturer that provides chipset support for Linux -- and nVidia is the only chipset manufacturer I know to provide drivers for Linux. Sometimes it can prove a little tricky to find out if certain chipset is supported; sometimes supporting module can be a little surprising. For example I am using DEV_AMD74XX for provide DMA for nForce 4 ultra (although documentation itself states it also supports "nVidia nForce").

Finding a site that lists motherboards that are supported could be a real challenge. It's probably easier to query google for your chipset, "linux", "driver" or "module".
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