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Default Re: PCI slot solution

Originally Posted by ew2x4
Wow, and you're an ass.
Thanks. I pride myself on being smelly and foul.

Seriously though, last time I came to the board and was polite, I got nothin except a bunch of crap. I usually like reasons behind "it won't do him squat" other than, "I said so." So, excuse the 'being an ass' part because, there is a reason.

Now, back to the real issue...

Besides the memory and cores, would it benifit him to get an Nvidia or an ATI? I'd like to stear him away from the FX line because I haven't had good experience with the PCI slot versions of those cards. If anyone knows of any benchmarks between the two for comparison, it would help.

He might be running some graphic intense games so I think a core with dx9 would do him better than one without. Keep in mind too he won't be running them full throttle with everything on max with AA and AF on all the way, the idea is to get them at decent framerates to be playable, while getting an ok graphic experience.
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