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Originally posted by stickl2
It says it is install but that it is tainted. I don't know if this is a problem.
Not unless you want support on the kernel from the linux-kernel mailing list. They won't look at a problem (kernel oops report) if the kernel reports itself as tainted, because they can't possibly find out what's wrong, if anything. The problem may be with the nVidia driver itself, which they don't have source for, so they can't debug it. But everything should work just fine.

(EE) Failed to lad module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)
You shouldn't have a Load "nvidia" line ANYWHERE in XF86Config(-4 if it exists). You should have a Load "glx", and a Driver "nvidia", but the Driver line should be down in your Device section, not in your Modules section.

It's kind of confusing, because the name of the kernel module is (now) nvidia.o. And people have to use Driver "nvidia", so they think that's the same thing, when it isn't. Plus, you have the fact that X calls its modules "modules" also, when those are completely different as well, so I can see where you got confused.
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