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Default Re: PCI slot solution

Concerning the 256MB does nothing comment. Most of the time now days a PCI card only has a 64 bit data path unless it's filled with 256MB and then it moves to a 128 bit data path, so because of that 256MB does help quite a bit.

It's true that normally 256MB would be wasted on a PCI graphics card but since they always seem to stick a 64 bit data path on any PCI graphics card that's not filled to the max with RAM then 256MB does help performance.

I upgraded my sister-in-laws DELL system that only had a PCI slot with a 128MB 5200 and then traded it for the 256MB 5200 and picked up quite a few frames per second in a Q3A test run because of the wider data path.

But I haven't seen a 6200 that has a 128 bit data path so you may be stuck with a 64 bit wide path for that chip. It's too bad they don't at least give the PCI bus all the speed they can since at best it's pretty slow.

So I guess my only advice is to look at how wide the data path is and get one with a 128 bit data path if you can.
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