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Default NVIDIA 6600 GT pixelated static...tried everything.

I have a problem with my display.Pixelated “static” appears whenever I run games.
Otherwise, it runs fine with desktop and other programs. It happens when I run any of
the many games I own.
My system has a NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT
Screen shots:

I have all of the current drivers and have done all of the testing possible.
I was wondering if anyone that is knowledgeable has seen this before.
I uninstalled all drivers, uninstalled all games. I then reinstalled the drivers (did this process several times using archived as well as recent drivers) then reinstalled the games. NO dice.

My next step is getting rid of the card, so please, any thoughts would
be deeply appreciated.

Wilma Tuti Carlsson

PS other sys info:
RAM 512 MB
AMD Athlon64 processor 3200+ , MMX, 3D now, 2.0 ghz
direct x 9.0c
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