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Default OMG...


Okay time for some major typing.

In reality comments that I see often such as "The GeForceFX is more technologically advanced" and "It's performance will get better in AF and AA with better drivers" are kind of.... well false.

Here's the reason why.

What API's are you using to play games?
Probably Direct3D and OpenGL.
Both of them have updated versions being OpenGL 1.4 and Directx9.0.
Both of them have the same limitations.

Cg is only a programming language that is easier to understand and program then Direct3D or OpenGL. What it does is facilitate the programming of complex Pixel and Vertex Shaders for Direct3D and OpenGL.
Seeing as you can only program up to what Direct3D or OpenGL support then you're still limited as to what you can do.

This is where all the GeForceFX's advanced features go out the crapper. DX10 is not due out till sometime end of next year (Q4 2004). By then there will be many new cards and the GeForceFX will be in the same position as the GeForce3 is right now... barely able to play a game using advanced features such as DoomIII.

So it's technological advancements are only in it's extra support for Shader versions 2.0+ in both Pixel and Vertex.

Now to counter the other claim there is no way they can gain much more performance in AA or AF using there current 128Bit memory controller. They may squeeze 5% more at the lower resolutions (1024*768) and 1-2% at 1600*1200 if they're lucky.

It's Image quality using AF and AA is not up to par to R300. That's a fact and HardOCP have the final say on that too having tested the newer drivers given to them personally by nVidia fixing the issues (or so they said).

There is nothing, and I repeat nothing, the GeForceFX can do that the R300 can't.
On the other hand the GeForceFX emulates displacement mapping and cannot do it where as the R300 can do it in hardware.

So technology wise, in DirectX9.0 and OpenGL 1.4 games the R300 is more advanced.

The GeForceFX is coming out end/Beg of February/March 2003 and the R350 Launches in March and should be shipping by early April.

Is there any reason to buy a GeForceFX? Yes there is, if you are a FanBoy like most of you here then go ahead and by this poor attempt at keeping a performance crown, but most of us enthusiasts will pass and look towards R350/R400 and NV35.

The GeForceFX is in the same position as the Voodoo5 5500 back in 2000, if you remember the GeForce2 GTS was released and beat the Voodoo5 5500 in all respects except Unreal Tournament... hmm Deja vu no?

And wasn't it nVidia that was backing 3D Mark 2000 and 2001 when there cards were at the top of those benchmarks.. now that they aren't they turn around and release this Hypocritical statement.

nVidia will not go out of business, but they've lost more customers then they will ever know... the bigger they are... the harder they fall.
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