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Default Re: NVIDIA 6600 GT pixelated static...tried everything.

I have never let it get hot personally but I have only had it for several DAYS. It sits around 70 degrees and rarely rises more than 2 degrees. I bought the card off of someone. Mind you, it worked fine for a few days. I installed Battlefront 2, that worked fine. Slowly the pixelation got worse each time I played. WIthin about 24 hours it had gone to what you see now. The weird thing is though that I can watch DVDs and look at anything, as long as it is not a game. Odd.

Reseat the card? You mean taking it out and putting it back in? I did that. Like I said, I've tried anything I can think of...over and over.

I erased all drivers, as stated in the initial post, went back, uninstalled the card. I reset the computer, uninstalled all games, reinstalled drivers, same problem is there.
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