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Default 6800GT Bios updating.

I have been forum hoping and browsing tech support over eveywhere.

AMD, ASUS, PNY, Corsair....

So I came across a forum where a guy stated he had similare problems to my graphics card. My PNY 6800GT AGP runs fine in most applications but on demanding graphical games such as farcry and half life 2 it will suddenly crash to a pink fragmented screen. It looks bassicly like when the old NES systems crashed you had to take out the ROM and blow it off.

He said he updated his bios and it fixed it fine and im really tired of running thoes games at 1024x768 when i know the card can handel the higher resolutions fine.

Bassicly it was a birthday gift and its always done this in thoes 2 specific games and have not seen it in any other app. I even thought maybe the stock cooling with 98° sunny florida weather might be causing it to overheat under load so I tossed an Artic Cooling NV5 on it but it still does it.

SO here is the important question. I already found a good guide for updating the bios, but god dang I can not seem to find a bios for a PNY card by the manufacturer... will another one work for it?...

If anyone else would like to help me out with this task i would greatly appreciate it.

Oh BTW im new on the forum so hi to everyone and thx for any help

heres a photo for yas

*edit* let me explain the details a little bit better. The ONLY game iv had this weired crash on is HalfLife2 and Farcry and only at 1280x1024 or higher, HL2 did it once at 1152x864.

Iv tried plenty of other demanding game demos, Battlefield 2, SplinterCell Chaos Theory, and FEAR. but it doesnt seem to happen on thoes.
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