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Default Re: NVIDIA 6600 GT pixelated static...tried everything.

Originally Posted by Hyper s
New videocard BIOS with safer timings can help you.Try BIOS from: Leadtek,Gigabyte or reference.
But be carefull not everyone can match your card.
Yeah, I definitely feel it is a bios issue given DVDs, any video editing, 32 bit photo editing, the desktop and everything else is perfect. I will look into it and get back if it doesn't work or if I find it a bit confusing (sorry, I am pretty knowledgeable about some things but others are new to me)...thanks for your help.

I am at the leadtek site. Can someone PLEASE help me by giving me a specific link and at least a loose set of guidance toward which one I can use to check my card with? I am at leadtek, I clicked on video bios, got to geforce 6600...and am downloading the program it has there. I am not sure if the thing that says "drivers" and the "bios" link that got me there is the same thing. Sorry to sound stupid, but any specifics would help.


- wc
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