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Default Re: gforece 3 does not like pdf's

Originally Posted by MRTONY
I have a pny geforce3 ti 200.
I run my desktop @ 1024x768, 85hz
I have installed the latest drivers (81.85_forceware)
everytime I scroll a pdf documet with adobe reader version 7.05 the system locks up hard and i have to use the power button to turn the system off.
the screen will look like a checker board the cursor will move but the system will not respond.

any ideas?

this is on a clean install of win2k

thanks have a good one
If you're opening a pdf in Adobe Reader using it's browser plugin and you're on broadband bump the internet speed setting to 1.5 mbs in the reader prefs. I had a problem with Adobe Reader 7 where it would freeze when loading a pdf using the browser plugin. I would begin to scroll down the page and it would lock whatever browser I was using because it was not downloading fast enough. My internet connection speed was defaulted at 56kbs(i'm on broadband) under the prefs. Once I bumped it up, it never locked again.
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